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National Aluminium

Robotic Installation

Boasting a 35-Year History, National Aluminium Ginco is using robotics to install its facades. It is a truly novel way to approach façade installation.
Clients, consultants, and regulations have become more advance, demanding, and increasingly focused on the performance of the triangle - quality, cost, time. Hence, National Aluminium, in order to focus on the aforementioned triangle, uses innovative ideas in addition to machines in its fabrication and installation.
Using robots while installing is reducing the overall manhours, subsequently bringing down the cost. It is used to install façade from inside the building, with millimeter precision. Workers who are using the robots are well trained "training is not huge time-taking as training can be done in a time maximum of one to two weeks".
In our project, Jumeirah Living at Marina Gate, robots were used in installation and number of workers dropped to 30% of those required for more traditional methods of façade installation. Robotics can be used in multiple projects with a life span of 10 years, and they are using electricity and batteries during the installation - in turn minimizing their pollution impact.
The advantages of using such technology greatly benefits both contractor and client. The speed and efficiency of the installation process helps ensure an earlier closure of the building envelope.

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