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Fire Proof Facades

National Aluminium Ginco is admitting the consultants bigger role to play in ensuring facades are fireproof with the UAE's updated Fire & Life Safety Code now in full force. Our factory is well equipped with efficient machinery and dedicated workers where fabrication of Aluminium and Steel is occurred and delivered to various construction sites inside the UAE and internationally.
Fire safety falls into two categories: products & people. company's internal policy is clearly states that safety is integral and it will never be scarified for industrial progress or profitability. At our factory, Dubai Civil Defense regulations are followed. Fire safety is an important part of an orientation for the new employees.
When it comes to ensuring the Aluminium & Steel is fireproof, the company's commitment is similarly unwavering. All new products undergo testing at the Dubai Central Laboratory and the business boasts of other rigorous tests to ensure compliance with government regulations.
Fire safety regulations increase the cost of the materials but minimize the risk of fire propagation as that the full façade covered towers will be burned quickly without fireproof materials. Specially, the sky scrapers are packed seemingly shoulder to shoulder.

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